Bezzle feature explanation and screen shots

So first of all we’d like to exchange a huge thank you to all of you who have shown an early interest in Bezzle. We have invested a huge amount of time and money so far with a lot more to be invested soon. Your enthusiam is what keeps us going in our bleak dreary lives, so thank you to everyone. 

We’ve had a lot of questions about what it is Bezzle will do to make your lives easier. The short answer is a lot. The long answer is too long to include in a single post.

That said below you’ll find a run down on some key features along with some pre-release screen shots of the app, courtesy of lead developer Michael Pike.

Automatic Contracts and Invoicing

Chances are you didn’t become a performer because you like doing paperwork, and if you did you’re literally the worst. Bezzle takes the heavy lifting out of all your contracting and invoicing for you. By pulling the details of your clients and agents into our system Bezzle will automatically fill in 95% of your contracts and invoices for you. It will even remind you when you need to send one, or when a response or payment is late, because lets face it – your organisational skills are currently a trainwreck.



Optimize your Promo Material

I expect every performer is familiar with getting an inquiry through whilst on the road, and just not having the right promo material to hand. Those days are over – Instead of doing your best impression of being a professional in an office whilst simultaneously driving a car you can just use Bezzle.

With Bezzle you can easily organize your promo into acts and send off the relevant info with the press of a button. Obviously you can include videos and images but exciting features include an option to include pre-written blurb, act descriptions, pricing, and even auto completed risk assessments! Unless you like writing risk assessments… 


bezzle act profile bezzle acts page


Get Your S#!7 Together!

Never show up to another gig unprepared. Bezzle offers custom checklists for each of your acts that can be added to a booking. You’ll receive a reminder the day before the gig (or whenever you set it for) telling you exactly what you need to pack. Edit it on the fly if a client asks for something extra. Perfect for those annoying gigs that book a year in advanced (who does that?!). A feature we’re looking at for the future is to include gig set off time based on your location and google maps traffic (with a healthy margin for error, of course). 


bezzle checklist bezzle checklists


Connect with your friends

One of the things that sets Bezzle apart is your ability to connect with the people you work with. Whether you’re an agent looking to quickly access promo material or documents from your performers, or you’re one half of a duo who needs to know whether you’re useless acro partner is available on a certain date (never listen to their annoying af voicemail again).

Bezzle shares only the information you’re comfortable with and streamlines the booking process for everyone involved. Automatically add bookings to your performer’s calendars, grab risk assessments right off their act profile, and automatically send and receive invoices for bookings made through Bezzle. 

All you need now is some friends…


bezzle calendar bezzle contacts

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