A few Words about bezzle:

Bezzle is the answer to a problem experienced accross the entertainment industry – admin! Whether you’re a musician or a burlesque artist chances are you didn’t get in to it in order to do a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately in today’s society things like risk assessments and contracts are a neccessity. Enter Bezzle – the first full one stop solution for entertainers and agents alike.

Bezzle was designed from the ground up to help entertainers and agents with all of their admin needs. Originally the brain child of James Guiver, Bezzle was conceptualised by James and Josh Morris and developed by Michael Pike.

Bezzle has many applications but is best explained with an example. 

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Jane Gulver runs a small entertainment agency. A client, Ashanti looking to book a juggler, gets in touch with Jane via her website where she has her Bezzle form in place of her “contact us” form. Ashanti’s details are automatically brought into the Bezzle back end and Jane gets a notification on her phone to let her know she has a new inquiry. 

Jane checks the calendars of her favorite jugglers via the app; she sees that Rommesh is available on the day Ashanti wishes to book. With the press of a few buttons Jane sends and email to Ashanti with Rommesh’s images and information on her act. Rommesh is sent a notification asking her to confirm her availability and fee, and a “pencil” is automatically added to her calendar. 

Ashanti wishes to confirm the booking, again with the press of a few buttons Jane is able to automatically generate a contract and invoice for Ashanti as well as attach Rommesh’s risk assessment and tech rider, again customized with Ashanti’s event details. 

Rommesh receives a contract and upon clicking confirm, her calendar is updated. Jane’s financial spread sheet is automatically updated with the pending gig income, as well as the outgoing amount owed to Rommesh; she will set up an automatic reminder for if either of these isn’t confirmed as paid within a set period of time. 

The day before the event Rommesh is sent a reminder with the main event details, when she needs to set off, and what she needs to pack. If she doesn’t tick this off Jane is alerted and can call to check everything is okay. 

After the event Rommesh is asked if she would like to automatically send Jane an invoice; these details are added to Rommeshs financial spreadsheet. 

Jane, after the event, can also opt to receive prompts to request feedback from Ashanti, request feedback from Rommesh, re-pitch the gig to Ashanti next week/month/year etc.