The BEZZLE app is designed to streamline the booking process across the entertainment industry. Available on both PC and mobile BEZZLE takes all the heavy lifting out of contracts, emails, invoices, risk assessments, and more!

What is Bezzle?

Bezzle is the perfect solution for anyone working in the freelance performance industry. Whether you’re an agent looking for powerful event management software, a performer looking to streamline your accounts, or you just want to come accross as more professional then Bezzle is for you. 

01. Streamline your documents

Never write another contract, invoice or risk assessment again. Bezzle  automatically fills in your documentation for you.  On top of this it fills in an accounts spreadsheet for you, making tax time easy!

02. Organise your acts

Never keep another client waiting, with all your promo at your finger tips.
Bezzle allows you to set up act profiles with not only your images and videos but also automatically customised documentation. 

03. Connect with others

Never chase your performers again; just check their profile. Bezzle makes it easy for agents to book acts. Once connected you can check your performers calendar, acts and documentation. Grab those risk assessments straight from their profile!


04. Stay organised

The best part about Bezzle is everything is in one place. Imagine checking your calendar and automatically having all the details of your events at your finger tips. 


A selection of screenshots of the app can be seen below.

What you are saying

We love hearing from our users. Here is a selection of reviews just in!

This app has literally saved my marriage! We both have the app on our phones and come bedtime they shut off and we now have to talk to eachother...
Denzel Dashford
Creative Mind
I really struggled with sleeping, I was always on my phone in bed and to be honest even though I wasn't doing anything the habit was hard to break. This app literally forced me to rethink my usage.
Penny Pinstripe
Magicians Assistant
I use this app to schedule the game play for my little one. It helps us stick to a routine and gives me peace of mind that my lo isn't using technology all the time!
Rachel Rivers
Power Broker

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Here at Bezzle we are commited to helping all of those within the freelance performance industry. Whether you’re a performer just starting out, or the CEO of a huge agency we believe Bezzle has something to offer. Check out our packages below to find the perfect solution for you. 

Bezzle Basic
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Bezzle Advanced
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Bezzle Troupe
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